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Hi! I want to have a blog about the bet generation but i don't have many people to follow, are there any more blogs like yours?

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“You fear ugliness, you chase beauty and embrace it… So someday, something ugly and real will happen. Compassion will not help. Strength you will need, but you won’t have it. You’ll crack.”
— Jack Kerouac, The Haunted Life (via east-of-everything)
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Allen with Maretta Greer and Gary Snyder at the Human Be-In, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, January 14, 1967. c. Leo Holub.

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Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings
"It’s a love story. I always like to make that point. To my knowledge, there’s no difference between how gay people and how straight people fall in love. So you just have to find that part of Dane, or of Dane’s character, that Allen was in love with. Which is that charismatic, outgoing boldness that he had that Allen didn’t have. And you kind of focus in on that and make that the part of the character that you always see. Basically, when people talk about chemistry, often what they mean is just being interested in the other person."
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Bill must’ve said something funny from the floor, we were taking snapshots of each other on same couch, my $13.00 Kodak Retina pawn-shop camera in Burroughs’ hands. He stayed in the apartment East 7th Street between Avenues B & C most of that Fall 1953.

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“The only truth is music.” 

- Jack Kerouac

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William S. Burroughs Sends Anti-Fan Letter to In Cold Blood Author Truman Capote: “You Have Sold Out Your Talent”


oooo damn. WSB channels his inner Siciliano strega and puts the maloik on TC.
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Peter Orlovsky in front of Hotel Amjadia where he and Allen lived during their stay in Calcutta. A hotel so filthy even their Indian friends refused to visit there.  Summer 1962.  (photo c. Allen Ginsberg Estate)

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reading “on the road” on the trail // 09-02-2014

desolation wilderness , summer 2014 : day 1

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